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Speed,Swing &Performance of Fast Bowlers & Swing Bowlers in 2018 IPL

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it makes Sense if we can bifurcate the performance of pacers and swing bowlers of IPL in a separate topic here.

Encourage all to share your thoughts about the fast bowlers and trundlers, as always i focus a lot on indian bowlers and observe and share what i see noteworthy ...

every ipl brings in some good pacers , i am kinda excited to see which new pacer emerges out as a Special talent in this IPL.

Please contribute actively in this thread.

i also wanna appreciate genuine Swing bowlers like sandeep sharma and that umesh Yadav's state bowler who is creating waves as they have some talent and distance to international cricket for them is just 5 k of additional pace which they can improve on.

keep an eye on all new talented fast bowlers and swing bowlers...

i hope this time they create a bit of bowler friendly pitches too.

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On 4/3/2018 at 1:05 PM, Suhaan said:

Please enlighten us about Mohsin Khan,heard he can crank  it up to 140+.Is it true?

sorry dear..i just know he is supposed to be good, i have not seen his video's , only after seeing him bowl , i can comment...lets see others here respond...

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1 minute ago, Mosher said:

139k from Chahar. Getting some nice outswing.

139.6k...seems decent prospect..swing between 133 to 139.6K- I like it. a couple of balls at 138K , one 139.6K with genuine SWING.

Impressive first over giving 5 runs only

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15 hours ago, Forever Indian said:

Chahar highly impressive - Swinging at 135 to 140 Ks. Got wicket of Evin Lewis and had Rohit Sharma missing balls like a tailender.


i completely agree..the swing this guy got was so much that ROHIT ( who is a demon batsman on wankhade wickets) was beaten not once or twice but many times, actually rohit was lucky to survive against deepak chahar.


for me he bowled the best yesterday, better than hardik and bumrah( who had an off day yesterday), even mark wood bowled well , though he was carted for runs.

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14 hours ago, express bowling said:

I have not liked Deepak Chahar.  Does not have a high arm action and may become a sitting duck if the ball is not swinging.

did u watch deepak chahar's first and second over?

what ever action he has, he had the SKILLS to banana swing the new ball at least yesterday. i will want to see him bowl more before i give an assured /confirmed prediction about him but if he bowls like yesterday, he will be in line standing next to bhuvi as the second Swing bowler for India.


i liked him as he was getting swing between 133 to 139.6k..- i dislike swing bowlers who get banana swings under 130K as batsman manage to handle them by going on the front foot and hitting from where the ball pitches so that the Swing is reduced to NILL, actually i love hitting some trundler bowlers as one is not afraid to get hit, i did start going on front foot and once a trundler bounced on my body n it hit me on my chest but i did not even massage my chest as the bouncer was not that fast....


these big swing trundlers do not create an fear in the batsman's mind and then the batsman manages some way to play them...specially for me as an opening batsman, if my mind finds a bowler fast and tuf i go on the back foot and become defensive and when i find the bowler slow , i go and murder the bowler as my attitude changes.


some one who swings at Pace is the deadliest combination ...i l keep a watch on deepak chahar.

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