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18 hours ago, velu said:

visited mysore last week .. while returning back to bangalore tried fish     @ poojaris fish land ( Mangalorean style i think ) 

there is another fish land inside Mysore city limits 


mostly i take only fries wen comes to fish .. fish fries are really awesome and my friend liked their prawns as well

very inexpensive when compared to Bangalore  .. hotel is super clean , and their toilet/rest rooms are like 4 star hotel level clean 

they serve alcohol as well .. its a huge restaurant 


@coffee_rules  @diga @jusarrived  dont miss this











There are some great joints on the road to Mysore.

A lot of Bidadi thatte (plate) idli joints

Adigas near Maddur has great South Indian food and the very famous Maddur vade.

Within Mysore,

For NonVeg there is a legadary Hotel Hanumanthu , very famous for its Pulav/Biryani, Hotel RRR Andhra style , had some great chicken fry when I used to eat meat .


Gayathri Tiffin Room and Vinayaka Mylari are for Veg , South Indian breakfast items. Delicious Dosa Idli . Makes me nostalgic. 

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