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The emerging new breed of Power hitters in Indian Cricket

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It took us long but we finally found hardik after a long wait coz the last guys were Yusuf and dhoni before him , now suddenly with a lot of demand few indian cricketers have emerged who can do this role. Not all may be international standard but its a good start to a new breed of cricketers . This is just the start and it will get better from here on . 


  1. Abdul Samad- Best of the lot
  2. Suyyash Prabhudesai- i like him, he ll be playing for RCB. If RCB has to build a strong unit invest in this guy 
  3. Ripal patel
  4. Lalit yadav
  5. Shahrukh Khan 
  6. Shivam dube 


Good thing is all of them have 2nd skill in terms of bowling 


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Important for these guys to keep improving, as the exposure to experts is like no where else as IPL.


Lalit Yadav already has improved a bit against pace from his stint last year in the IPL though he didnt get to play much. Hoping good things from Suyash, Shahrukh in the future. Samad obviously is the one with Indian team potential.

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32 minutes ago, ShoonyaSifar said:

Some seriously talented youngsters in the list.


Really hope the team's give them a proper run and opportunities to bat at least for 5-6 overs.

Post Samad i found suyyash the best but he is in Kaptaan Wrong's team ....hopefully he ll play. RCB Coaching staff looks very impressed with him 

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40 minutes ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

Post Samad i found suyyash the best but he is in Kaptaan Wrong's team ....hopefully he ll play. RCB Coaching staff looks very impressed with him 

Myy observation is that most IPL coaches and captains tend to have more patience for the accumulators. Risk taking power hitters are mostly seen as irresponsible and lacking the ability to adapt and get dropped after 1-2 failures. That insecurity leads to these hitters playing under added pressure and ending up as failures.


In the past, KKR have shown faith in Yusuf Pathan and reaped the benefits, MI obviously have groomed Pollard and Pandya fully backing them despite failures. IfSRH backed Samad last time, if only others could do the same.

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Posted (edited)
11 minutes ago, Global.Baba said:

Please post averages/ domestic stats , adaptability across formats, track record etc


Pintu Parcha has hitting videos that have broken the internet too.


Ye pintu parcha ka ghatiya Logic- devdutt, pandya aur pata nahin kitno se chalta aa raha...sab khel gaye lekin uska aaj tak domestic debut nahin hua . These are domestic or Age group cricket videos not tennis ball tournament videos 

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4 minutes ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:


Wah :adore:, kya baat kahin ......21 toppo ki salaami 

why not ? It shows the players has basic cricket intelligence. T20 is not all slam bang 100% of the time, it still has the basic essence of sports and cricket. You have to play according to situations to win. I am sorry did that change recently?

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