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  1. As incompetent on serious matters as always. Being better off than Pakistan on anything is no yard stick for an Indian PM.
  2. Very convenient how West Bengal is not counting deaths of hypertensive, diabetic, asthmatic etc people with covid as covid deaths.
  3. I believe Anushka has asked Virat to put an end to this tradition. Her husband's "boys" indulging in this kind of crude behavior makes her look classless.
  4. I have no doubt he'll smash a majestic 150 in this series and cement his place.....only to screw India over India in tougher overseas tours.
  5. There will always be enough money for them to fund terrorism since that seems to be priority number 1 for them
  6. Since the WC is in England, I would think England has as good a chance as anybody.
  7. Was a time when Mumbai boys prided themselves on what they called khadoos cricket. They put a price on their wicket. Now there are Rohit and Rahane from Mumbai.
  8. Remember when Rahane's problems were supposedly against spin.
  9. MMmm...eat those wonderful Kwality toffees in Dehradun, watch cricket.
  10. Vijay Shankar is not exactly a youngster. Inexperienced yes, but a bit excessive to call him a youngster
  11. Are there any great batting lineups in the world today? too many players just don't have the grit needed to bat for long in tests.
  12. Arguing that Kohli is ahead of Smith is like when Pakistanis used to argue that Inzamam was ahead of Tendulkar
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