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  1. Around 20,000 cases today.
  2. For now he is military's puppet so he is safe
  3. India is around 80 rupees a liter. US is $1.90 a gallon. I USD = 75.64 INR 1 Gallon = 3.78 liters
  4. Glad to know things are improving for your family. Unfortunately too many people are not taking this seriously enough.
  5. Good to see Delhi stepping up on testing. Better late than never
  6. As incompetent on serious matters as always. Being better off than Pakistan on anything is no yard stick for an Indian PM.
  7. I stopped watching all cable news a while ago...in India and US (republic, ndtv, CNN, fox news...). Happier for it. Get news online. One has more control to filter the nonsense. If it weren't for sports I wouldn't have a TV!
  8. BCCI should ban Kuldeep Yadav for bowling Chinaman
  9. The MIT model is now predicting 359k fatalities in India by the end of October. With things deteriorating as quickly as they are in places like Delhi, I don't know how you don't lockdown again. If nothing else then to slow you things down for hospitals which are already overwhelmed
  10. When the Australian board themselves have been making statements that suggest they are reluctant...there was not much hope anyway
  11. The deaths add today are probably adjustments for the past. Accounting games going on with numbers.
  12. I have been living alone throughout. Family happened to be elsewhere when it started, and we decided we'll just stay where we are. Have not seen friends or colleagues in months. Initially it was hard. But I must say, for me it has gotten easier now. Sort of used to it. Sleep schedule is messed up. But productivity is also getting back to normal work wise. I would say it's important to have regular electronic social contact and to remain focused on work to get through this.
  13. Same thing in Delhi. Very hard to get a place in a hospital. And it's getting worse every day.
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