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Commonwealth Games 2022


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49 minutes ago, coffee_rules said:

India in Top 5 of medals tally today. 1 above Scots @Tattieboy :eyedance:



I go to watch England women's cricket team a lot , only thing that matters is they kick your butts tomorrow :--D to be fair India are doing at the games and getting better in more sports every games . 

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On 7/31/2022 at 7:14 PM, Number said:

I knew that shooting isn't part of cwg this year.

But today I got to know that they don't have it this year because Birmingham doesn't have shooting setup. What a joke these games are then. Even the British can't care less about them it seems.


Really ! What a third worldly excuse. They do no have shooting range in Birmingham so they would exclude shooting ? They could have organised Shooting in some other place in England. Do not tell us that England does not have shooting setup anywhere in the country. If Gold coast could have this facility as well as all previous organisers, they why not Birmingham ? Moreover it is known for years that Birmingham were to organise these games. Even then they could not arrange for these facilities ? It is the most ridiculous excuse I have come across.

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50 minutes ago, Number said:

To the people who have watched the sport for long

Why are we so sh!t at penalties?


@neel roy


Indian women players (in all sports) play it how Indian men used to play in 1970s. So naturally the same results are obtained. Indian women need to acquire killer instinct, finishing abilities etc if they have to do justice to their abilities. It is a cultural thing for Indians and it will take a while before Indians in general and Indian sportspersons in particular will get over it.


I am not disappointed, because I have been witness to such results for last 50 years. No problem. We will overcome it soon enough.

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