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Hockey World Cup 2023- India


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8 hours ago, rollingstoned said:

I wish the sport was more skill.than athleticism oriented tbh which by all accounts it once was. Don't like many of the rules too like trying to win PCs intentionally which will prevent any real mass following. It would be like turning football into a sport where corners and fks would receive greater emphasis than scoring from open play with skill and players could win handball penalties by Trying to hit it onto a players arms. I felt that way even during the Olympics. 

The rubbish rules that have been implemented is the reason why there is a lack of following for this sport. 

It's not actually more physical now. It's become more technical. Top teams just know how to win PCs. 


Even football. It's gone way softer now. When I watched football in 90s and 2000s it was far more physical in terms of play. Lots of fouls you see now would be allowed and waved on. 

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