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Need to try to win a LOI world cup in 2020s

India in world cup in the 2020s  

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  1. 1. Will Ind win a LOI world cup in the 2020s?

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Since 1980s, Ind has won at least 1 world cup in a decade with 90s being an exception: 


  • 1980s: 1983 ODI
  • 1990s: N/A
  • 2000s: 2007 T20 
  • 2010s: 2011 ODI 
  • 2020s: ? 


The remaining world cups in 2020s include: 


  • 2024 T20 WC in WI 
  • 2026* T20 WC in Ind & SL 
  • 2027 ODI WC in SA 
  • 2028* T20 WC in Aus & NZ


* To be confirmed 


Winning one World Cup in the 2020s will create a positive pattern of winning at least 1 World Cup per decade.  Will Ind create the pattern or will 2020s turn out like the 1990s? 






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Dont have the talent to win an ODI World Cup unless Australia are in transition like in 2011.


Even then, I don't see us constructing the right squad , so no we ain't winning anytime soon 


We are a poor T20I side anyway and have been so for ages. 


Persisting with the likes of Kohli in this format will see us lose more than we win. 



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On 2/9/2024 at 1:19 AM, bowl_out said:

Missed our best chance in 2023

Respect your opinion but It wasnt our best chance ,we got that belief in midst of the tournament by our sheer momentum

Lot of us thought we will be outplayed by likes of SENA sides but being the host we cruised through the league stages

We were never going to win with the likes of Jadeja,kela,Kohli,Rohit and dodgy Iyer and defensive coach Dravid even at home


If not for Shami we would have conceded first ever  400 too in a SF

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My prediction for 2024-31


2024 T20 WC RSA


2025 WTC Aus


2025 CT NZ


2026 T20 WC resurgent WI


2027 ODI WC Aus


2027 WTC Eng


2028 T20 WC Pak


2029 WTC Aus


2029 CT Aus


2030 T20 WC Eng


2031 ODI WC Aus


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4 hours ago, Gollum said:

Hope everyone in BCCI wakes up to this every single morning



Lol these chewts should not get any free funds BCCI and ICT is ninncompoop on field but why can’t they take care of these 2 kauri ke reporters from kangladesh , Srl and Pak with all their financial clout.

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On 2/9/2024 at 11:01 PM, Gollum said:

Hope everyone in BCCI wakes up to this every single morning



they won't care even if 100 yr go by.

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