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Icf uncles thread

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8 minutes ago, Chakdephatte said:

If you want to go with IPL performance, than go with last three years collective performance. 


No one should be judged on an outlier season. Bigger the sample space, better the judgment, and hence the results. 


And for the same reason, Zimbabwe series is irrelevant. 

Ipl is a very long tournament,you can lose a lot of matches up front and still make a comeback later on .


Here a couple of poor matches and it's over.

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In the Zimbabwe tour ,different types of players are in squad,as there are Parag,Abhishek,there is also Ruturaj ,and Gill.

Parag,Abhishek should get all the five games,but I think.they will be replaced by Jaiswal,Sudarshan .

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8 hours ago, Laaloo said:

I'm a huge fan of intent merchants. They will fail yes but when they come off they will win you games single handedly.

They need people to back theny with patience

There is no one in history of Indian cricket who had more intent than Sehwag,you should be able to see the capacity

Sehwag was very well backed by Ganguly in his initial years

Struggled with Greg Chappell,once he went

Sehwag was again a match winner

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This Pak troll @MediumPacer got owned once again :hysterical:


BSDK can any oldie play an innings like what Abhishek played in his 2nd T20I? Kohli would still be pottering around for 60 off 55 balls on that two-paced pitch. I would rather we have likes of Head who can go 0(1) one day and win you a match single-handedly. Abhishek and other younger intent merchants are like that. At least we won't die wondering.

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