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Speeds and Performances of Pacers and Spinners

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9 minutes ago, express bowling said:


Speaking from a fast bowling fan point of view ... it is better to see him bowl in a few proper matches under speed guns.


That way, you get a better idea.


I would have said the same thing if he were an Indian bowler.  For example I kept hearing that Sushant is quicker than Tyagi, but Tyagi has turned out to be much quicker when bowling at full pace.

I agree .

He could well be all hype but his pace is well regarded in the local cricketing circles . I'd like to see him fit to get a better idea.

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On 2/1/2020 at 3:54 PM, express bowling said:



@Mosher@Suhaan, @rkt.india, @sarchasm,@vishalvirsingh, @MK55, @MultiB48, @RAZPOR@tweaker@Malcolm Merlyn@speedster , @speedheat. @themask, @Masquerade. and all other fast bowling fans ...  what are your impressions ?


I am asking this question based on an excellent post by @sarchasm in the Bumrah thread, where he pointed out how Bumrah was losing much less pace at the batsman's end  compared to other pacers. And looks and feels much quicker as a result.


@Rightarmfast, @Forward Defence and @Vilander have given theirs already.

Unfortunately, living in another time zone, I don’t get to watch much of our team these days. I do love reading the thoughts of everyone in this forum about our up and coming pacers though.


I feel like sarchasm’s thoughts on Bumrah are spot on and explains why batsmen still struggle to score off him even though he’s now had a lot of exposure. 


From a batsmen’s perspective, I’ve always found bowlers of short run ups to be harder to face if they can bowl fast. Seeing a pace bowler take only a few steps before release certainly fools the mind into underestimating their pace. It probably makes someone like Bumrah even more lethal. 

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