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2 hours ago, velu said:

polite doggy ..

Mine is well trained. So when I am eating, and i growl back at him, he looks the other way. I dont encourage them staring at people on dinning table.


my doggo can follow instructions like crawl, roll over, jump, hi-five, cute-face, stupid-face, sit, slow down, no-jump, stay, no barking, come and go, he carries groceries if there are treats for him or else he drops the bag right in the garage and runs away. I can instruct him to go and eat a treat, he goes in the pantry, opens the door by knocking it and takes 1 cookie and then goes and plays. Keep the door open but would not eat second one unless I tell him. He takes permission before eating anything that is not in his food bowl. To seek an attention, he goes under the dinning table and get stuck there on purpose. Doesnt have a habit of sitting on the bed or couch. 


There is a huge connection in so many ways i can sense that.

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