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2 hours ago, BacktoCricaddict said:

Flying dosa.


Cool to see, if you can put up with the narrator's pronunciation of dosa.  


^ the taste of Dose is different when made on a charcoal stove.

I just dont like that the Dose turns into a kichdi with numerous veggies & spices on it. Prefer it with simple aloo palya with chutney. 

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13 minutes ago, velu said:


first Hyderabadi dum biriyani in a hotel post corona  :aha: 

maybe because of less crowd , half of the biriyani is mutton  :aha: 


i dont take non-veg on Mondays , broke it today :(( 





If you go to Mysore, try their Biryani/Pulav. Pretty good.


I like to watch the preparation. 



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8 minutes ago, coffee_rules said:


Yes, but later they are cutting it and eating in different shapes, they also use it for samosas. 

Two points:


(1) The amount of hype that pizza throwers get on American media ... you'd think they won a gold in Olympic gymnastics or something.  This rumali roti guy is a couple of notches above the best pizza throwers.  


(2) I am surprised I've never found arm-hair on my pizzas or rumali rotis.  For the amount of arm contact there is ....   

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39 minutes ago, BacktoCricaddict said:

Now, I have to go to Indore.  This is a riveting episode.  Especially the dahi bada guy, the soda guy, the shengdaaNe guy, and last one with the kulfi falooda.  The food looks great, but more importantly, the showmanship.



Have to try that Egg Benjo :hysterical: 

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On 12/2/2020 at 2:26 AM, BacktoCricaddict said:

So, any fans of chowchow bath?


And for all of you who are tempted to call it upma and sheera - STOP.  Kharabath =/= upma.  Kesaribath =/= sheera.  


He's eating it all wrong.  You need to "boat" this too.  Mix some Kharabath and some Kesaribath on a puddle of chetney.  

Kesari bath on a puddle of chutney, you serious bro? 

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