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Do home teams have a better chance at winning the world cups?

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If we look at ODI WCs, the recent trend favors home teams: 


2011: Ind

2015: Aus

2019: Eng 


However, historically, home teams don’t necessarily do well at the world cups:


1975-1983: Eng lost in either SF or F

1987: Ind & Pak were overwhelming favorites but lost in the SF

1992: A strong Aus did not make it to the knockouts 

1996: The World Cup was partially held in SL for SL games, however, it played the knockouts in Ind, which lost in the SF

1999: Eng did not make it to KOs

2003: SA did not make it to KOs

2007: WI did not make it to KOs


So in Eng and Asia, the teams tend to make it to KOs. 

In T20s, no home team has won the WC so far. 

Would 2010s turn out to be an exception or are home teams expected to win more? 


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Just now, Serpico said:

Forget sample size WTC doesn't have all matches at home

I know that … The team hosting it plays 3 series at home iirc and so far has failed to make it (Eng is a good side). But it has an irrelevant sample size so will not dwell into it much. 

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Not too much I feel. Although England weren't the best side in 2019 WC. They got a bit fortunate. They were a top 2 3 side yes. 


In 2023 depending on the selections we make, we should be amongst the favourites. Top 3 side but we are capable of imploding under pressure. So there is that. If we pick the same old farts then yes we are likely to bomb out in semis.

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On 5/12/2023 at 11:51 PM, jf1gp_1 said:

Most fans will agree we dont have a WC winning team however our 12th man ie crowd can be fairly intimidating. Home advantage is a huge plus.  

Man, 12th man is all over the world for India (unless you play in asia). When was the last time you saw a series in Eng/Aus where the Indian crown < Home team? 

I have a feeling this is Eng's WC to lose. Our team is nowhere close to WC ready - too many passengers. Unfortunately, I also think Pakistan might also make it to the finals if they decide to come. Their team is pretty strong this time around. 

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