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Pragg make it to Chess World Cup finals vs. Magnus Carlsen


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12 hours ago, Mariyam said:

Why have you left out Arjun Erigiasi?


There was not much to differentiate between Pragg and Erigiasi in this world cup. Went to the sudden death blitz games. His classical record is as good (if not better) than Pragg's.



If you check his ratings graph from Aug 2022 to Aug 2023- he has gone down from 2725 to 2710.  When you are in your peaking years typically that doesnt happen.


Elite top 6-8 who make it to candidates are usually 2770+ players.


I hope he does not become another Parimarjan Negi or Vidit Gujarati.


He is still only 19, hopefully he will get better. 

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5 hours ago, Gollum said:

Even as a child, Pragg got so much hate from libbus for wearing vibhuti on his forehead. Glad he didn't back down, what a chad!!! 

Yep. Absolutely no reason to mock him for Vibhuti. It is his personal choice and does not hurt anyone else in any way. 



... and really, there is reason to glorify him for it, either. It is his personal choice and in no way concerns anyone else. If, in the future, he chooses not to wear it, that shouldn't invoke anyone's ire, either.

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