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How many runs can India defend in 4th inning?

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We hv only 2 bowlers to save us.  Bumrah and Kuldeep.  Rest all are passengers.   Bumrah won't take 6 wicket haul in every inning.  He is a human afterall.    Ashwin is finished unfortunately.  (Fatso wasted an imp spot on Mukesh paanwala. Hopefully he is dropped next game)  Anything under 350 is chasable on this ground.   There are no demons on this pitch yet.      

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Was the pitch devastating or were England poor? I watched for only a short time but besides the bounce being at times, the pitch was okay. I thought Stokes took the predictable blocking approach and failed to set a positive tone. The game had drifted away from England when he was batting with Foakes but still, he failed to put up even token resistance. I felt disappointed with this timid display. I appreciate good cricket even if it is by the opposition. In the first test, I thought our team would chase down the target and was feeling bad that Pope's magnificent knock would be in vain! 

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