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[ Nostalgic ] Sachin's match winning IPL century for Kochi Tuskers !!!

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8 minutes ago, velu said:

damn it ..

smithy did it for bambis like how sachin did it for kochi :p:


If Smithy really did it like Sachin, Pune would have won before the 2nd strategic time out and you would be munching misal pavs instead of putting on back the lungi and watching re-runs of chuskis like Super Bhabi :giggle: 

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12 minutes ago, velu said:


No ..

Sachu was chasing 169 and smithy was chasing 130..


48(45) when chasing is 169 is not same as 48(45) when chasing 130..


Need D/L

Meh if Smith had scored 48(45) yesterday, they would have won easily. Sachu was chasing a big target. Great innings under pressure. :isalute: 

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