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Rohit Sharma press conference handling ability appreciation thread

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The guy gives the best responses. Lights up a room whenever he walks in for an interview, just like he lights up a pitch once set.


No fake diplomacy or redundant answers.


First with the response about not being a Pakistan coach and now about Rishabh Pant.


Another feather in the cap of this great batsman and tactician :hatsoff:

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1 minute ago, vvvslaxman said:

He should be captaining. Kohli is trying to copy Rohit by laughing for no apparent reason during the play lol

to me, it feels (and looks) fake coming from VK as opposed to rohit.

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6 minutes ago, maniac said:

Looks like

you're up to your usual habit of making up strawman arguments.  Hey to each his own, whatever floats your boat, Brohit's "bat", or whatever other fantasies.  I'm a fiscal conservative but a social liberal:om:

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