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2020 US election results watch !!!

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7 minutes ago, coffee_rules said:

Samosa, saboodana tikki , and mozzarella cheese - finger foods baked in my oven

Bro I have the same sabudhana tikki form Indian store :) I am sure thats what you got, my comfort food for late night cricket matches too like for the upcoming Aus tour and of course for tonight. lol 

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1 minute ago, zubinpepsi said:

which channel are you following for the results, coffee?

Switching between Fox and Cnn. honestly CNN sucks but when it comes to the Maps coverage and just moderating who is doing better region by region- John King of CNN is too good, he is Don Bradman of maps and electoral votes coverage, hence I keep coming back to his coverage otherwise CNN can get boring. Just watch his MAp stuff, he is amazing with that. But also switch over to Fox when other people come on. 

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