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  1. Not sure how Dhoni is in the anti-Kohli group. He has a good relationship with Virat and has helped him a lot on the field in ODIs and T20s with his tips and suggestions. Virat too has a lot of respect for him. Plus they never tried to screw each other's careers, something which they usually do to players they don't like.
  2. Rohit KL Pujara Virat (c) Sky Vihari Pant (wk) Shardul Shami Bumrah Siraj
  3. Of course I agree. Olympics is the pinnacle of world sport and I rate even an Olympic bronze medal won by India highly. Certainly more nationalistic and feel-good than any CWC win.
  4. Both Pujara and Rahane's time in the Indian team is over. IMO once Shaw is available later in the series, Rahul should be sent down to No 5, while Mayank could play at No 3 for this series. Once Gill is fit, he can take over the No 3 slot.
  5. KL Shaw Sky Virat (c) Pant (wk) Hardik Jaddu D Chahar Bhuvi Bumrah Chahal
  6. In ODI cricket, Dada can be placed among the best ODI cricketers of all time. Many of his ODI innings are match-winning ones and memorable, especially that 183 in the 1999 World Cup. Plus he is one of India's best captains irrespective of format (T20 doesn't count as he never captained India in a T20). But as a Test cricketer, he is strictly average and barring his debut century at Lord's, there is not much to say about Dada's Test career. He had his weaknesses against genuine fast bowling and was not the fastest of runners between the wickets. Among the Fab 5 of Indian batting in
  7. Good to see Ashwin playing county cricket in order to prepare for the all-important England series, and doing well there. I firmly believe that the Indian team needed to play at least 4-5 3-day warmup matches against county sides prior to the Test series to acclimatise to the conditions, or even a 2-Test match series against Ireland (where the conditions are similar to that of England) would have been good. Instead, we see, barring Ashwin, the cricketers wasting time and roaming around with their wives and families as if they are on vacation. Intra-team matches are CLEARLY not good practice
  8. Mayank KL Rahul Gill Virat (c) Rahane Pant (wk) Washington Sundar Ashwin Shardul Thakur Shami Siraj
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