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Is MS Dhoni a Mike Brearley for CSK?

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Tom Curran to Dhoni, SIX, THWACK! MS Dhoni in the final over is a sight to behold! Slams this short ball, pulling it over deep square leg for third successive six. That's an IPL record - 33 sixes in a game...


Tom Curran to Dhoni, SIX, what's in that cricket bat? A slower one on a length, and that's a no-no to the world's best finisher - on his knee and he's mowed that over wide long-on for six! 92 meters!


Tom Curran to Dhoni, SIX, MS Dhoni, far too late in the final over, dispatches this over deep midwicket for six! A Dhoni six, and the world goes crazy! My neighbours have gone crazy! Right in the slot and that's carted into the Sharjah streets...

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