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2020 US election results watch !!!

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1 minute ago, coffee_rules said:

Trump is ahead now in VA, MI. 
BTW, I am still a registered dem, flipped since 2015

These mofos at Fox probably called it too early. They are getting trolled everywhere now for calling VA early. But I also know they could be right because the NOVA - Northern Virginia area which is closer to DC and are fully blue get reported the last and ends up flipping VA everytime, so Fox might have some case. 

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4 minutes ago, Clarke said:

How much of the mail in votes is counted in tv numbers ? Those should be in favor of Biden

Most likely as they are counting early and mail-in votes first as Dems with registered voters have lead, as the night progresses, Trump might pull through bY 10k votes where the race is for millions of votes

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