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Vijay Hazare Trophy 2021

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6 minutes ago, Rightarmfast said:

Mukesh Kumar from Bengal making the ball talk. Cut the batsman into half. Jagging the ball to all sides. Cant say how fast he is, could be 130, but sure knows how to handle the ball and how to play around with the batsman. Very intelligent bowling.

He bowls around 130-138

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2 hours ago, Rightarmfast said:

Ishan Porel generating good bounce. Bowling a great line, coming close to the batsman. Primarily bringing the ball in with a few balls keeping straight. Looks to me that he has bowled just a tad short. Just...





Watch our for these 3. Future stars. Mark my words. 


Kuldip guy is very talented room so gaurav who is quick. 


I am going to miss Shami bumrah and Umesh plus Ishant and Bhuvi when they retire but most of the core will be around for at least 3 years anyway so all good. Ishant can play till 36. He only plays one format. Maybe longer. 


Bumrah has a good 7 or 8 years left. Touch wood. 


Shami should be good for another 3 years. 



Umesh is the one I will miss dearly. Love that guy to bits. Bonafide AtG in Indian Condtions and in general with SG ball. Started to get better with kookaburra as well. He is 33. Maybe 3 more? He is a very powerfulpy built guy so I hope 3 more years at top peak levels. 



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