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Latest nautanki by Rahul Gandhi…


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17 hours ago, Lone Wolf said:

The entire logic of this thread is a joke....  So If Modi g goes to Gurudwara or Ajmer we should start calling him names right? 

@Lord  this thread is offensive to South Indians as said by @Trichromatic

Mixing petty politics with religious practices is not on.... 


Hinduism is not their personal property to use. 


I'm not moderating this section. @Austin 3:!6 please go this  thread and do what's required.

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35 minutes ago, Lord said:


Who everybody else? No one  even commented on your OP except @Gambit


You opened the thread which has no scope of political discussion and only intent is to mock.Perhaps likened the activity you called 'self flagellation' to Muharram too, before being corrected.


Its a completely useless and frivolous thread. Then accused @Trichromatic of censoring you without backing it up


Anyway I am not a mod for this section so request @Austin 3:!6 to take appropriate action, if any required.

1. There are several posts by others mocking Rahul Gandhi on this thread. Not sure what you are consuming. 

2. Ofcourse the thread is “useless” and

“ frivolous”  -  and every  other thread on chit chat  except this has discussions that will solve world hunger and poverty, so very “nice” observations. 

Can’t help it if a handful of intellectually dishonest folks ( Rahul Gandhi / INC followers ) lack a sense of humor and deliberately try to create a religious angle out of nothing when the intent is to mock Rahul Gandhi and has nothing to do with religion. Also equating one ritual practiced by a few from one state to insulting an entire religion - shows the level of intellectual dishonesty and low IQ or both. 

Same dishonest folks never condemn a party like DMK or a hypocrite like Rahul Gandhi for keeping quiet or even claim their feelings are hurt when Udaynidhi talks about wiping out Sanatana Dharma from the planet but fake getting offended when  a clown like Rahul Gandhi is mocked for  practicing a  relatively fringe ritual for his vote bank politics. 

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