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Qatar, 8 Indian Navy veterans


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On 10/29/2023 at 6:56 AM, jf1gp_1 said:

It has to be a well worded threat. Our stance should be we will pull out 6 lakh people and only potential alternate will come from Pakistan so qataris release 8 Indians or be ready for pakistani invasion 

Have to launch surprise at least 3-4 nuclear capable missiles to completely cripple Pakistani defense capabilities...  Or even more. 

Otherwise India without a self sustaining MIC cannot launch a amphibious invasion of a enemy like Pakistan. 

Suicidal plan but only in this case we eliminate Pak in next week if we have to:flame::phehe:

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4 hours ago, Lone Wolf said:

Foreign ministry & MEA to blame totally...  Colossal failure. 


Qatar bullied us in Nupur's fiasco & now this...  China would hang Qatar by its Ba** if they even dare

Completely agree. 

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After initial emotional outbursts, Researched the issue and few facts I am going to put.

1. Looks like the death penalty is from lowest court.

2. India and Qatar has agreement that punishment by Qatar can be carried out in India if it involves India citizens

3. Both Saudis and Qataris are competing for influence in India. Qatari Investment Authority has close ties/business interest with our Ambani Ji's Reliance Group

4. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), Mubadala Investment and ADQ, both of which are chaired by Sheikh Tahnoon, who is a brother of UAE president Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed are about to anounce $50 billion dollar investment in/around Adani's business interest


Key question is who told Qataris that these navy officials are related to Indian intelligence. If Qataris are basing this on Pakistan based ISI, who are biggest benefeciary in terms of getting future contract in Sevcurity domain, then MEA needs to debunk this with Qataris and must proove that this is all Pakistani ISI's hit job on Business interest of India in Security domain.

I believe when MEA is saying it wants to follow Qataris legal process, it is saying to Qataris ythat please dont rely on ISI and publically exonerate these gentlemen from all charges

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