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Asia Cup 2014

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Many Congrats to all SriLankan ICFers :two_thumbs_up: Got to admit SriLanka Best Asian side (RightNow) :icflove:
Thanks bro...but we did have lady luck on our side today..Mahela survived a few close shouts,Thiri got lucky with a few hits through the slip cordon etc. Anyway,it's a great day to be a Sri Lankan fan...Finally ,the finals jinx is broken :yay: I can see quite a lot of silverware coming towards the lion nation in the next few years.. :dance: Hope to see a Pak vs SL final in WT20 too ... :icflove:

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Asia Cup 2014 i'm sad that we lost :( at the same time you gotta admire Afridi, tht guy ttally won it for them. hoping that the game's worth it next time when i watch it on starsports.com

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