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Did team Ind meet your expectations? (WC19)

Did team ind meet your expectations?  

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  1. 1. Did team Ind meet your expectations?

    • Went above expectations. Did not expect it to reach SF
    • Met expectations. Reached SF
    • Did not meet expectations. Should have reached the F at least

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I expected it to reach SF but not beyond that. Moreover, it was hard to visualize a team playing phattu cricket with the cup. 


And of course the established senior guys continued to milk Ind cricket. Openers secured their role, played in the same position for years, and never once allowed anyone to play up. Scored runs in batting friendly conditions while coming up a cropper in bowling friendly ones. Those tried in the MO never got a consistent run to develop their game and were subjected to musical chairs. In the end, Ind reaped what it sowed. 


Hope that the team is able to learn from its mistakes. 

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Before the start of WC , these were the expectations .

1. Initially ball will swing in England and all 3 openes are sitting ducks vs movement . Hence reaching SF was almost impossible.

     But there was not a  lot of swing.

2. No experienced  top batsman in MO who was in good form , hence not much support if Openers fail.

     Same as expected 

3. Expected one of Chahal or Kuldip will be murgered by ENG , WI OR AUS.  

    Almost Same as expected . No great shakes by the 2 .

3. Expected MSD to do tuk- tukai  and land us in trouble in chases .

   Same as expected 

4. Expected great WC for Kohli

    Middling sucecss 

5. Expected not too great WC for Rohit & Dhawan.

    Played above expectations .     


Majorly above expected play by Rohit & Dhawan helped us to win 3 initial matches and we could go to SF. 

Else there was no surprise. 





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League stage they performed more than expected and finished 1. I eexpected them to lose one of the first 4 games but they managed to be brilliant then.


But in Semi Final, they were opposite. Below average. Had they ran into Australia of 2003, I would have been fine, but they lost to average NZ team, which was a below par performance for me. 



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2 minutes ago, Cricketics said:

Had they ran into Australia of 2003

Had England ran into that Oz side they'd be demolished anywhere in England as well, I see your point however with all the weakness masked by a firing Sharma or Shami, it was only a matter of time when one or both their failures would cost us. I think team selection cost us the most this WC & as always with Kohli there's no telling what brain dead roulette will he draw next.

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With the benefit of hindsights (and points I made before the WC), below should have been the squad (assuming everyone is fit and available)




(Test level openers/players)











14 - Saini

15 - WK batsman like Kishan or someone like KL, who can keep if required in short term


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