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Rohit-Kohli v Rizwan-Babar (T20WC22)

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1 hour ago, Austin 3:!6 said:

I heard yesterday's boundary sizes in national stadium Karachi was 55m - 60m on either side?


That won't even reach to deep mid-wicket in MCG :phehe:


It was comical lol. The way they were timing and heaving them just to get the ball over those mickey mouse boundaries was hilarious. Was like watching women batters (no offense :p:

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1 hour ago, the don said:

Babar will do the best out of the 4 i feel.

Rohit and rahul are very susceptible to first ball ducks to a good bowler.

Surya smacked a better English attack in England. Having said that still a good knock by Babar-Riz. I always believed you still have to be good to bash whatever is in front of you. Zimbabar is very good at that. Good player.

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Tbh, I haven't followed Babar-Rizwan that closely and they are doing better right now than I thought they are capable of.  


But having said that, bottomline is that both Rohit and Virat have proven themselves in white ball cricket in Australia.  I don't think Babar/Rizwan have.  The extra bounce may have an impact on especially Rizwan's batting method.  Babar in T20 anyway is a bit dependent on the other end generating momentum, and given that T20 has so little room for 'consolidation', things can very quickly look very different for the greenbros.  

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8 hours ago, Austin 3:!6 said:


Yeh dekho bhai



Funny, but this could also signal that the bowlers would have bowled fuller where the batsmen would have needed to steer the ball to the shorter boundaries (side and behind the stumps). Same situation for Eng.

Also NZ plays on small grounds too but its players tend to adjust their game per grounds in other countries.

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