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India A vs England Lions

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Surprised to see no thread on this, unless I just missed it.


Anyway A team getting battered: Lions scored 553, and now our lot are 33 / 4 : disastrous


Why is Tilak not in the team? Scored 50 in South Africa...That aside batting should be strong on paper


The bowling looks absolutely pathetic. THe runs England scored is one thing, but they went at 4.5 an over.


Tushar Deshpande :facepalm:


Is Harshit Rana injured? Not plyaing Ranji too. There are No "quicker" bowlers - Sen, Tyagi, Mayank Yadav all injured or have little to no FC experience.


Services off spinner Pulkit Narang (85 wickets in 27 matches) - is he really one of our nest best spin option? Had a good Ranji and Duleep trophy to be fair. I read somewhere that we delibarately hid Saurabh Kumar to not give Lions batsmen exposure. 


There is a clutch of good SLA options: Saurabh, Mulani, Suthar, Nishat... beyond that it is an extremely worrying picture. Ive read good things about Yuvrajsingh Dodiya, offie from Saurashtra. Next best FC leggie is probably Markande


I can cobble together a team of rejects who for me would do better:


Mayank Agarwal, Dedvdutt Paddikal, Prabshsimran Singh, Tilak Verma, Akshay Wadkar (wk), Riyan Parag, Atit Sheth, Shams Mulani, Harshit Rana, Vijaykumar Vyshak, Yuvraj Dodiya


Ignoring Priyank, Bawne: seasoned and consistent veterans who should be there but age not on their side (it isnt on Agarwals either I know)

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Didn't know when was last time this Easwaran actually scored?  Playing on past reputation perhaps.  No wonder Indian TM doesn't rates him. 


Tilak,  Prabhsimran aren't there & this joker Bharath lol.. 

Quota picks all of them. 


England lions would have humiliated India under 100 today after posting 500+..  Thanks to Patidar for 140 not out... 


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12 minutes ago, Lone Wolf said:

Nothing but respect for Rajat Patidar...  Another century against all odds... 

Potts & Fisher ran through terrible Indian batters who are used to playing 120kph gentle malnourished trundlers 

@Nikhil_cric said it before Patidar is best in the country. 

Very impressive.


But our A team has to be of a very low standard .


Saini, Narang and Deshpande got hammered like no tomorrow.


Him and Manav Suthar are the only ones to come out with their reputations enhanced. 

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2 minutes ago, Chaos said:

Bcci did this on purpose. Why give england our good players n practice?. england n aussies do the same

This is developmental tour...  This is India A.. Vs Eng A. 

Not main English side. 

Fact is our doemstics cricket sucks bal*s.. 

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26 minutes ago, Lone Wolf said:

This is developmental tour...  This is India A.. Vs Eng A. 

Not main English side. 

Fact is our doemstics cricket sucks bal*s.. 


well we have something called ipl. Its our new updated domestic structure.

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6 minutes ago, raki05 said:

Patidar even in SA odi series in his  short stay played some good shots . He can be our own travis head who can fly under radar of Gill, Jaiswal, Rohit, kohli and can score some impactful runs. But knowing our fattu coach we all know whom he will choose for this role.

Was his debut game & didn't look nervous at all..  Viru like confidence & strokes.  His six off burger was cool as f**k. 

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1 hour ago, vvvslaxman said:

Patidar made 111 in the tour match.  Sarfraz made 96. Patidar again 140 means he is making a strong claim for Test spot.

Patidar better against pace & has aggressive game against all kinda if bowling. 

Sarfaraz every time against Int'l class pacers looks poor. 

Patidar was smoking likes of Nortje Ferguson with ease in IPL. 

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7 minutes ago, The Realist said:

What is the point of Ind A?


Its literally the same old faces who seem to have a lock-in on the spots. Saini is 31. Bharat is 30. So unserious.  

yes Saini is a discarded product. Not sure why he is still in the scheme of things. 

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