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Pakistan enemy country for BJP, not for us: Karnataka Congress leader sparks row


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3 hours ago, Austin 3:!6 said:

What is Venky Prasad saying about it?


Also, what is the opinion of @Lannister?

Nothing from Venky on that subject so far, but the whole controversy started when Congress workers shouted Pakistan Zindabad during RS election victory celebrations of a Muslim candidate  - Nasir Hussain. LKFC produced a slomo audio and Congress claimed it is Nasir Saab zindabad. Clearly one guy is shouting for Pakistan in real footage . You can decide for yourselves 





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Friendly neighbour ideology irrespective of Practical Implementation or how neighbour behaves is in DNA of Congress. Right from Nehuru when he decided to take out Indian troops from Tibet to Hindi Chinu Bhai Bhai or Taking Kashmir issue to UN instead of dealing militarily esp when you had advantage. This BS ideology ended up resulting in many wars and loss of land and and loss of live, even live reporting of terror in Nations capital and Financial Capital to our own Nationals.


To me, impractical ideology driven behaviour is called “Poornataya Vishuddh Chutiyaap” . It has has impacted lives of 1.4 billion people is the root cause why Congress is unfit to ever be trusted to govern. People who understand it know why they dont support Congress. People who dont, they are angry at State of affairs but dont know why and confused, hence they may side by Congress or dont.


PS: My opinion is Congress before 1947 knew both Statecraft and Ideology. Post Partition, Statecraft was lost because loss of many leaders (Bose, Gandhi, Jinnah) and only ideology remained

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