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India vs South Africa 1st ODI, February 1, 2018: Durban

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Abhishek MJ: "With all discussions about no 4 position. Yuvraj Singh would have been a good option . Also he has won a world cup for India . We can try him once in these pitches ..." --- These are his stats over the last 12 months in 50 over cricket: 12 matches, 244 runs at 24.40.

lo..aise aise hain jo ab bhi chahte hai ki Yuvrajaa jaye team me.  Tendulkar ne bhi WC jitaya hai, vapas bulaate hain 

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9 minutes ago, Laaloo said:

Rahane and Dhoni at 4 and 5 :rotfl:


1990s called. They want their consolidators back. 

Then followed by Jadhav, is this our best team? Iyer or Pandey dhoyld have gone for old Kedar. Also 2 spinners ..is this India?

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Much as I absolutely loved the test series, I am ready to see the ball not jagging in and seaming out, but coming nicely on to the bat and in a split second racing away to the fence or stands!  Bring on 700 runs a day!

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