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[Kohli average watch thread] Will Kohli ever average above 50 again?


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as long as good spinners exist in a team, I cannot see it happening. he will struggle with SL, Ban, Aus, SA, Afg [all have good spinners]; we don't play minnows like Zim, Ire, and Pak [last is not "technically" a minnow]. this only leaves Eng (struggle vs Andie and Robbie), NZ, and WI.

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7 minutes ago, R!TTER said:

We should arrange a 5 match series for him at home as farewell, probably on highways against WI or Bangers :cheer:

Bangers on spin tracks would be even better. tajiul, shakib, mehdi, mahmudullah, etc. would be licking their lips in anticipation

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On 12/14/2022 at 7:33 PM, Number said:

Has been left far behind by Smith and Root in tests.

Might as well struggle to reach 10000 test runs at this rate.

Without 10000 test runs that he is just a good test batsman not a great, because he has neither those game changing innings like VVS nor the s/r like Sehwag.

Can't compare 2000s decade ind test batsman with this generation batsman.. In 2000 decade ind mostly played on batting friendly pitches.. 

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5 minutes ago, vvvslaxman said:


Kohli doesn't average 45 these days. it is under 30 last 3 years.

I am saying about overall career avg.. In this generation who ever maintain 45+ avg after playing 100+ innings is very good achievement (ind batsman).. Yes kohli declined from 2020 he need to find form in next year.. Other wise he should retire from tests... 

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The only specialist batter to average lower than Virat Kohli over the past 3 years has been Rahane and he has been already dropped. Virat's Test average since his last hundred in 2019 November has been 26 and this is over 33 innings. The worst part is that he only has gone past 50 in 6 of those 33 innings. This series is crucial for him as if he does not score any runs here, I have no hope for him against Australia. He is bound to end up with a lower than 50 average. The highest averaging Indian batters during that time is Sundar & Iyer followed by Rohit, Jadeja and Pant. Not sure why Sundar hasn't made it back to the Test team. He looks in great touch and gives India few overs as well. He is a specialist bat.

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Odi >t20>test

He is currently 49.35 test average.  He is 34.  His best years are gone.  But if he get back some runs against Australia he hashe good chances to get back above 50.  Injury or fake niggle could be concern.  

Test 103 175 11 8094 254* 49.35 14533 55.69 27 28 910 24 104 0
ODI 265 256 39 12471 183 57.47 13408 93.01 44 64 1172 127 139 0
T20I 115 107 31 4008 122* 52.73 2905 137.96 1 37 356 117 50 0
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