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Excuse list for getting overpowered by SL in the final

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This is looking nice, at least for now, the one thing that reminds me our cricket in LO is doing well is how easily we can beat SL in their conditions - generally we've always dominated them in recent years but this level of dominance was probably only see during 2007/08 - 11/12 span when we had the likes of Yuvraj, MS & everyone else doing well. Sure this is not a reflection of how we will play against Eng, Oz or SA but it's a gauge overall in terms of form. The loss against Bangers also should teach us where our weaknesses are!

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He deleted a fake accusation thread claiming Wasim Akram said there's something shady going on in the finals here! Probably didn't wanna get sued to oblivion for the obvious lies - Akram never said anything like it in the post match interviews, serial liar that arsehole :whack:

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