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  1. Need to rethink SKY can pull it off at international level ..
  2. any one has any update ? Fear for one more young gun . Consistently getting ignored .
  3. I think no one was saying that Iyer should not be given chances . The fact that there is an apparent weakness against quality short bowling and he was getting out to them without any counter strategies . You can have a weakness but you should not get out to that tactic and should have the ability to rotate strike and get way . All of Steve , Ganguly , Sehwag did not give their wickets and cashed on other deliveries . B'lore match was the first time he changed his stance , opened up the off side and tried attacking shots other than hook. Thats what he should just continue and in the mean time perfect pull shots , as the next attempt by pacers is to aim at his rib cage and bodyline attack to prevent him his shots on off side and if can unleash controlled pull shots on the on side along with his present off side play , surely he will make bowlers think hard ! There is no need to even play the hook. Just wait & prey on other deliveries.
  4. Hold On .. Scoring a century for almost 3 years . That too on a patta where another guy from opposition also scored a triple. Lets see the whole season.
  5. I think it was a recent interview of Mandeep singh where he was saying Yuvi often flies from Mumbai to Punjab matches and discusses with Punjab players and also spends time with Abhishek on his game
  6. That calls for boldness and also an assessment as to what will make Indian T20 more powerful & dangerous . For me its the use of PP . Shaw to me seems to be obvious punt to be tested at the top. If you can achieve most of time a RR of 10-12 in PP, Indian team would be the one to beat as they have players like Rohit & VK to carry the innings forward . The i other improvement should be in death bowling which i think is coming good to make our unit one of the best. If TM & Selectors focus on these 2 areas both for T20 & 50 overs , the team performance will go up by quite a notch . The Middle order seem to be falling in place , even if one or 2 fail, there are very good ready replacements waiting in the wings .
  7. Bring in a dasher who has the ability to play attacking shots from ball 1 in PP will have a major impact in India T20 team . A quick 30-40 at the first PP, adds more impact in winning matches than anything else as we have very good set of players in rohit , VK who carry the innings together . Imagine chasing score of 200+ and and a dasher uses the PP to score at 11- 12 per over . For rest of the match , they are required to score at 8+ per over which would be easily done by men like Kohli without taking risk. Even if he succeeds half the time , it is worth in Gold. It would be good for KL too batting at 5 in T20 also , as he would be playing at same position in 50 overs also ,
  8. I think present set who are waiting to come to playing X1 have missed the trick by neglecting bowling completely. There is still time , some of these can gain skill to bowl 2-3 overs players like Gill , Shaw - if things go well , they may play for 8-10 years , if not ,their chances of being a permanent member may diminish. The current U19 batch seem to have corrected this as most of the batsmen also bowl . The best workaround would be till you have pure bats who can bowl a bit , or a real good new all rounder comes on the scene , go with 4 bowler s+ 1 all rounder most of the time . As & When you have a pure bat who also bowls a bit prefer such a bat in top 6 . Who knows we may see a very good all rounder coming up . Yuvi seem to working with Abhishek Sharma in his development . Lets hope for the best.
  9. If you look past history , game has changed a lot after changes in rules of having 4 fielders during 11-40 overs and 2 new balls . No more your part timers , pie chuckers are effective in that period of play whereas earlier these part timers could get way with more cover at the boundary. Its good if a top batsman can bowl some overs , and here India is in a bad spot as none bowl. Better to go for pure bat who can bowl a few overs if needed rather than dilute quality of batting /bowling by going for 6th bowling option who is neither a top bat nor a top bowler like what they did today with Shardul . It should have been Saini a pure bowler than a neither bat nor the best of 4 bowler available case like Shardul.
  10. I would look at this way . Give chances to all who are in the squad esp. Pandey, Shardul , Samson , Chahal , Dubey etc. What we need now is filtering out and discarding some names which are just hanging on in the 15 for some years without doing something really good . Any one who does not do well now should be out of reckoning for WC , and the older ones who fail should never be selected back. Hope they find an answer re : Pandey , Shardul in T20s . kedar in 50 overs . Need to bring in younger talents in their place. :
  11. Also its just not about injury one of the bowler can really have an off day ....thats also a situation Do not agree with this . If your 5 best bowlers cannot do , why expect your 6th bowler to come up trumps whenever those 5 fail ? Cannot digest this.
  12. Have Shaw & Rohit at the top. 4 & 5 -> Iyer & KL 6 - Pant or Samson. 7-Hardik. 8. Shami 9. Kul 10. Saini 11. Bhumra. OR Shaw & Rohit at the top. 4 & 5 -> Iyer & KL 6 - Pant or Samson. 7-Hardik. 8. Sundar 9. Kul 10. Saini /Shami11. Bhumra. We should go to WC with this Combo. 12th : Deepak Chahar.
  13. If these 2 are selected , that will be good . 6 months before WC19, Ajit was of the opinion that we need to have a replacement for MSD . To say that needs some steel. LSK will be alright .
  14. Many times in football you have to play with 10 men . In important matches you should take the risk and play rather than covering for something whih may happen once a while
  15. Thing to like about Akaash - ability to swing the ball in to RH , saw some balls moving in even in his 2nd spell i think vs japan. I have not seen such in dippers among young lefties recently . In addition bowls every ball with maximum effort and gets good bounce . Can turnout better than Khaleel based on skill sets on view , unless some coach will try to make him a swing bowler.
  16. We do not know some of the tactics may be specific to some opposing teams in this WC. I thought India used lot of short stuff against SL . My initial thought was they are over doing it , but as match went on it was clear SL batsmen were not comfortable when ball was aimed at body but were at ease when it was pitched up or on length . They were playing good shots . Best case study was Rashantha . In hindsight now looks like a planned strategy. They may continue the same tactic against Asian teams . Interesting to see their lengths to AUS , WI , ENG teams . That will tell us their skill sets with other lengths and the problems they pose.
  17. There is no need to unearth any talents by VK or TM . Selectors have identified the talents and are including them in the 14-15 squad. But they are either benched series after series or played in 1 match and then thrown out . If some one is performing then he is shunted up & down to favour a few buddies .
  18. Above team what we expect and not one might wish. Reason for going for Manish is he played last match, looks in good form this season , KL keeping better than Pant in 2 matches,Iffy kind of form Pant has shown. A Failure would further damage Pant. He should slug it out till IPL and iron out issues & have a good IPL. Out of team for few months is OK, but once comes back should score that much that no body can throw him out.
  19. Which site you are watching live ?
  20. I see injuries to Dhawan & Ish positively as an opportunity else this TM will never test any newcomers . We need to find a dashing opener and it is high time TM checks Shaw in that place for T20. If Dhawan is fit , They will always pick him for every match T20 , ODI . Also we need a pacy quick for Aus Test series . If Saini does not play in NZ tests, he would be going to Aus without any Test match experience . Bowling away from India in tests will provide a good experience to him. So at least we will have 1 pacer who will be 4th seamer with some Test match exposure .
  21. Just put forth the fact that , he is not in contention based on selection we are seeing for tests. Was here ever even in 15 member test squad any time recently . In tests bowlers have the chance to subject such players to relentless barrage till they throw in the towel . Finding it tough playing 4-5 overs in 50 overs shows lot .. lot needs to get right to get into test side that too with the competition around..
  22. Good thing is he is not a contender in tests . In one dayers you can survive . The thing is you need to develop some scoring shots without getting out . Also they cannot bowl lot many bouncers in an over . Since he is not good at pull/hook , he should continue what he did yesterday . Play shots on the off side . Whether its the shortish deliveries or yorkers , you can play shots on off side .with the stance he is taking now.
  23. Playing vs Aus top side and doing well against them is a big learning curve for the youngsters . Just take the case of Iyer , fellow was subjected to heavy bombardment by 3 quality fast bowlers and that must have showed him where he is at international level. We also saw first glimpses of a plan to counter this weakness by him which he did not address for the last 2-3 years . He must have thought that the game he had was enough to succeed at highest level. Now it is very clear if he does not come up with a plan to score against this short stuff his career will be over as every good team will use the same strategy.
  24. For that need a good selectors who include players based on potential with long term outlook. No favourites of TM.
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