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Another key game, another top order (#1-3) failure

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We know that in Group 2, games v Pak and NZ are virtual knockouts unless there is a 3 way tie b/w these teams and/or one of the lesser teams create an upset. 


So another virtual knockout game, another failure from the openers, who actually used up the warm up games for practise.


Kohli did relatively well but could have done better after he had played 30 balls and taken charge after Pant departed. 


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OT: I am back to the forum after a while. I was thinking of coming back yesterday before the game, but my timing today was good as the team's performance. :((


So we need to win against NZ (not impossible) and then beat the rest. We can still qualify, but something seems lacking in this team the moment we bat first and lose more than 1 wicket early. Seen it in CT'17 and now again. 

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55 minutes ago, zen said:

:no:  Every dog has his day, after so many years of failures can we expect one rare good day :dontknow: 

I don't know man.. I just don't trust this manhoos Kohli. We as fans feel bad when India performs like crap but these 'professionals' don't react this way. Its just another game!! They don't even have the passion to perform for country. BCCI is the team of crooks who can only think of money. No one gives a **** about the country and fans. Bas IPL khelo, paise looto, bewakoof banayo logon ko. It's ok but at least perform at WC... Morons. :mad:

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