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Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid ensured increased security and freedom for players: Hardik Pandya

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1 hour ago, coffee_rules said:

Workload without playing  one format? We played very less ODIs last 2 years and he plays T20s and IPL. He can cut IPL if he has too much workload! 


Fast bowling AR. 


No one will quit IPL. So thats not a realistic advice

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2 hours ago, Herdik_Pendiya said:

Yo..Yoo.. Lissen


He tries to act kewl like yours truly.

probably got bullied in school cruelly.

His posts are creengy but he thinks its edgy.

Itz time someone give him a proper wedgie..


kewl black boy Pendiya in da house..Black lives matter..Piss Out



That's a great poem!!! I doff my hat off to your poetic and artistic brilliance! :hatsoff:

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