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Shashtri's Scathing attack on Indian fast bowlers- Injuries and Fitness

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Former Cheerleader on the money for once. Simply are far too many pampered and unfit players collecting easy cheques for doing nothing. Most of them wilt under any pressure as seen by the constant failures in international tournaments.  


"Let's put it this way: there are quite a few in the last three or four years who are permanent residents of the NCA," Shastri said. "Soon, they'll get a resident permit there to walk in any time they want, which is not a good thing at all. It's unreal."


"I can understand a serious injury, but every four games when someone touches his hamstring or someone touches his groin, you start thinking what are these guys… what are they training, what's going on. And some of them don't play any other cricket in the year. It's just four overs [in the IPL], man, three hours. The game is over."


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26 minutes ago, cowboysfan said:

Why are we even picking these guys ? if they are not fit and are in danger of breaking down anytime then they are no use in international cricket.


IPL led sponsorship deals... the more international exposure and face time these rubbish players get, the more brands pay for them in which there is a cut to BCCI and IPL franchises.. no one is interested in picking or developing the right players for INDIA

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Injuries are an unfortunate part of any sport, and managing the fitness and workload of players is crucial to prevent injuries and maintain their performance levels. It's important to ensure that players receive proper medical care, rehabilitation, and conditioning to recover from injuries and prevent them from happening again.


As for the NCA and the BCCI medical team, it's their responsibility to provide the best possible support and care to the players and implement effective injury prevention measures. This may include monitoring workload, optimizing training methods, and providing timely medical attention. If there are shortcomings in these areas, it's crucial for them to be addressed and improved upon.


At the same time, players also have a role to play in taking care of their own fitness and managing their workload. It's important for players to maintain their physical fitness through proper conditioning, follow injury prevention protocols, and communicate any discomfort or issues to the team management and medical staff.


It's essential to take a balanced approach and address the issue holistically, involving the players, coaching staff, medical team, and administrative authorities, to ensure the best possible care and support for the players and prevent injuries from becoming a recurring problem. Constructive criticism and feedback can play a role in bringing attention to the issue and promoting positive changes for the betterment of the players and the team as a whole.

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56 minutes ago, Sooda said:

I can think of only Chahar where it has been a repeated concern, right?


Prasidh has a long term issue, Kuldeep just come back after a lay off as has Dayal


Hopefully it will not be a recurring problem with those latter two

Bumrah is also repeatedly injured. Bhuvi also has been frequently injured.  Saha was injured once and came back after rehab at the NCA. He is the only player who made a one time trip to the NCA as far as I can remember. 

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