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Can we try Surya kumar yadav before T20WC ?

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12 hours ago, Vk1 said:


Iyer can at least tonk the spinners out of the park. Pandey is a pure BS

I think Pandey could have been a good option as a no 4 in ODIS, had he been given a long consistent run in that slot. But that time has passed sadly for him and Iyer and maybe Gill should be groomed for that slot. 


12 hours ago, neel roy said:

Pandey clearly won the 4th or last t20 i against Australia.. one player who can hit from word go.. nobody elese other than pandya can do that..

  I dont think Pandey has that ability tbh: his T20 SR is relatively low (sub 130 ?) He did manage to do that last seasons IPL to be fair to him, but i think there are better T20 options.

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38 minutes ago, ShoonyaSifar said:

2 T20Is and he kicked out our long term no. 3 from that position. 


He gets the same opportunities in ODIs, the no. 3 will again feel the heat. No wonder he was warming the benches vs Eng in ODIs.

Yep the chutiyas are scared to lose their spots. They know who they are. Looking at the dunderhead kaptaan, Iyer and co. 

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