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 IPL 2021 | M24 | MI v RR | Delhi | Apr 29 | #IPL2021 

The wild wild poll   

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  1. 1. Which theme song will play at the end of the game?

    • Mehbooba Mehbooba (MI)
    • Pyar karne wale (RR)
    • Decided in the super over
    • Too close to call
  2. 2. Which batsman will have the best day?

    • Tuk Tuk Sharma
    • SKY se uncha SKY
    • Captain Pollard
    • Sir Don Pandya (SDP)
    • New boy Jaiswal
    • Magical Buttler
    • Rowdy Samson
    • Michael Tewatia
    • Other

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  • Poll closed on 04/29/2021 at 10:00 AM

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A battle to seek tournament winning momentum!










On paper a David v Goliath matchup:


  • David (RR): A team that is without some of its key players, trying to take on the world with many of its minions. The team won the inaugural 2008 tournament, so may be the star have aligned again to give it another cup (first and last with 8 teams) before the tournament shifts to a 10 team one :hmmm:






  • Goliath (MI): A team that is full strength and the 5 times champion including seeking to make 3 titles in a row! It tends to win in odd years too! 






Both teams are coming to Delhi with 2 wins from 5 games, so a win here could help to gain momentum :dance:  ... A lot of players from both teams would be looking to fire big time! It is showtime :drum:



Cricinfo Preview



This one is an early game beginning at 6 AM EST. Poll closes at the start of the game. The poll question: Kaun hoga Delhi mein fatah - whose theme song will play at the end of the game? 



The Wolves (MI): 







The Wild Wild West (RR):





Wolves will start as the favorite, while the wild wild west would look for some of its sharp shooters to have a great day ... Zen master will try to bless both the teams :om:

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