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AAP model of education in Delhi

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AAP claims that it has transformed Delhi's education system and wants to take this model everywhere. 


But in terms of accomplishments - what is true and what isn't? If you were to go by what AAP claims - it has turned Delhi into Boston in terms of education with numerous affordable Johns Hopkins universities in Delhi. It has been 8 yrs since AAP has had control over Delhi's educational institutes - so it should be a good way to measure progress. 


What has he really accomplished by pumping in so much money into Delhi's education system? Rather than going by anecdotal evidence or propaganda from AAP - is there a way to evaluate this fairly? Request you folks to help with some of the research to be created in this area. If Kejriwal and AAP really have done well for Delhi - I am happy to admit that he has done a good job for Delhi's education. However, given his typical record - I doubt he has done more than some minor facelifts to schools despite spending a large proportion of the state's money on education.

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According to this article: Here are some useful measures


1. Intake rates into schools at a primary level (I am going with gross rate)

2. Enrollment rate of students into schools from general population

3. Attendance

4. Drop out rates

5. Grade completion/progression rate (not sure if these stats will be available)

6. Pass %

7. Admissions into higher level of education (again not sure if this will be available)

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All he has done is ensure that teachers start attending the school. Rest all like this facility and that facility in one school is just propoganda and most likely money making excercise by AAP. Someone just needs to scratch the surface and they will find the corruption.. Same he did with medical as well. Doctors started coming to Government Medical centres.


So it did help people below poverty line who cant afford school or doctor. But thats about it. Dont rely on statsitics stuff. A lot of private schools are affiliated to some gvmnt school when it comes to board exam. Thats how the system works and used to work.


AAP has mental block after that. They can not think beyond asking gvmnt employees to attend.

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1. Recruitment of 17,200 teachers (regular & guest) which radically improved overall PTR from 31.2 to 25.8 and was potentially a major factor in Board result improvement.

2. The strengthening of SMCs and parent engagement through PTMs, coupled with principal leadership development programs are the second set of interventions that stand out as a tool of governance. 93 percent of parents reported attending PTMs, with varying frequencies

3. Primary school enrolments have increased at a rapid rate of 4.7% CAGR in the last three years while private schools’ growth slowed to 2.7%, indicating that students are beginning to prefer DoE schools over private and MCD schools.

4. 54 state-of-the-art schools were established across Delhi, which served as ‘model’ government schools. Additionally, 8,000 classrooms were added and 12,000 more were later commissioned in the second tranche.


And more in the following report.



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I wish there were similar reports available for other states and other projects. Really makes difference to see the details. However, for a 100 odd page BCG report, it’s quite surprising that they don’t provide any local / national benchmark. 

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I have been a teacher in Delhi government school. IMHO Education standard in Delhi has come down significantly (you will find many students who can't read Hindi, forget English, studying in 9th standard because no student can be failed before 9th), level for respect for teachers has come down, most govt. programs are for PR and are either useless to begin with or not implemented properly. You ask teachers in Delhi , 90% will confirm what i am telling. But yes, work on classrooms n other school infrastructure has happened.


From past 20 years, RPVVs (rajkiya pratibha vikas vidyalayas) were like the cream of Delhi govt. schools and still continue to be so(no role of kejriwal here), with infrastructure possibly at par with private schools and students significantly better than private schools...


I will give Delhi education a 2 out of 10... basically all show and no substance.

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I can't believe that Kejriwal and Sisodia keep parroting that they have a model education system in Delhi


This was reported in Nov 2021 - apparently Delhi college professors don't get paid. They literally have to beg for their salaries. Delhi govt says even if they don't get paid it's their moral duty to teach



Now the same professors have to take massive pay cuts because there apparently is paucity of funding! According to AAP it spends 30% of its budget on education. WTF! Where does the money go? 



Not a single school or college has been opened in the AAP tenure. Other than doing some facelifts for some govt schools... wtf has this govt done for education with such a huge amt of money being spent? The stats in the article below make for dire reading. What exactly has AAP really done for education in Delhi that AAPtards go gaga over? 



I can't believe jokers in Delhi and Punjab believe Kejriwal's lies and don't call them out. Is this really the kind of India they want to see? 

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