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Best innings tracker- IPL 2022 (Under Pressure)


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Best under pressure innings in IPL this year-


Tewatia 13* vs. PBKS

Miller 94* vs. :lollypop:

Gill 84 vs. DC

Rinku 40 vs. LSG

DK 66* vs. DC

Hetmyer 59* vs. LSG

Rayudu 78 vs. PBKS

Patidar vs. LSG (Play-off)

DK 44* vs. RR

Faf 96 vs. LSG

Gill 96 vs. PBKS

Dube 95* vs. RCB

Utthapa 88 vs. RCB

Cummins 56* vs. MI

Lalit 48* vs. MI

SDP 87* vs. RR

Lewis 55* vs. :lollypop:

Sky 66* vs. RCB

Axar 38* vs. MI

Odean 25* vs. RCB

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7 minutes ago, Chakdephatte said:

Any misses? @Lord, @zen, @maniac


Which one was best according to you?


Best for me so far is Tewatia’s 2 6s as he had just walked in (no time to play a few balls) and to hit 2 out of 2 (1 is still understandable) no matter who is bowling is an amazing performance! … Tewatia also played a 40* off 24 versus LSG iirc 



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9 hours ago, Chakdephatte said:

Patidar in eliminator 1. Not only did his part but also covered up for the failures of trimurti ( 34 off 35 combined).

Single handedly kept his team in the game! Batted at cameo level speed for the entirety of his innings. Phenomenal knock! Hope he can play impactful knocks like that in the future also. 

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