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Will Ind do a hattrick of losing out of a knockout place? (T20WC22)

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Unless we are chasing and winning in most games by batting miracles ..we are on course to crash out before knockouts if we bat first .. Bat first even 250 runs won't be enough for the limp bowling attack (Stats and avg fetish) we carry. Excluding Bumrah, teams can target 15 to  24 runs a over from other pretenders if required.


The bone dead TM not going change the personnel now. It's better these Trundlers get smashed to put some sense into this new TM and selectors to back young performing pacers and develop them. Given only pace is not important but need to have control. But without giving chances at domestic or A tour, how the potential pacers will learn to hone their skills. We are going to lose with the aging Trundlers why not select and give chance to kids like Tyagi, Umran, Sen , Mohsin and let them learn even if getting smashed. Atleast they can get experienced and maybe better serve in future and have upside.


At this rate , these Trundlers might return to Test fold also soon looking at the A team selections also

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