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BBC documentary on 2002 riots?


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18 minutes ago, gattaca said:

What does the Indian lobby do in UK ?  Lot of Indians in UK parliament as well ? 


There is no indian lobby- Pak backed lobbysits in the Labour party are much more powerful. The Tories don't really overly support India so even the Indian origin MPs and Government Ministers who toe the line of the white Tories and are hated by the left.

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38 minutes ago, MultiB48 said:

England doesn't like that cricket ,a mere game which doesn't even have a huge following in most countries,has become centered around india.Wonder what they think about more important issues.

Hardly anyone cares about cricket here. No one was fussed when England won both World Cups recently. 

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Article on Salman’s survival and ordeal of a colossal attack. So what BBC does is plug-in a question on Modi and made it look like they are equating Iran’s Islamic regime responsible for his attack and Modi’s Hindutva. If this is not a hitjob then what is it?



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I think BBC has lost it. Completely. Yesterday, saw documentary on Putin. It was coming out that Puts n was responsible for David Cameroon not getting vote through parliament to act against Syria. Not just UK Parliament, it seems Putin was to be blamed for Obama referring the decision to strike against Syria to US Congress, which also voted against it.


However, One can easily makeout that it was Putin who had made various overtures to UK like visiting Lndon Olympics and taking Cameroon on personal trip to show preparation of Winter Olympics in Russia.



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1 hour ago, coffee_rules said:

Even people from Editors Guild is admitting that there may be tax issue and BBC was given notice nearly over a year back. But somehow they are attempting to link this to documentary and attack on Journalism when law clearly says Indian constitution only protects Indian Journalism and not foreign reporters and orgs :phew:


As per the, RT ban in EU and West on basis of Russia will do propaganda is not attack on Journalism and death of a pillar of democracy in West, but tax raid on BBC by tax officials  :hmm:


BTW recieved below response from BBC. Have complained to OFFCOM now.



Thanks for contacting us about India: The Modi Question broadcast on BBC Two.

This was a two part series examining the track record of Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister who has twice been elected leader of the world’s largest democracy. The focus was on Mr Modi’s approach to the minority Muslim population given tensions between Hindu and Muslim communities in recent years, and it examined the policy decisions that have been made.

Both programmes were thoroughly researched, featuring accounts from witnesses and experts, reflecting a wide range of views, including from BJP representatives. We gave the Indian government a right of reply to the issues raised – they declined to comment. We made clear when there were conflicting versions of specific events, what were allegations and what had been verified.

The first episode, which examined the handling of riots in Gujarat in 2002 when Mr Modi was Chief Minister of the State included new information about the British Government’s concerns at the time. Last summer, India’s Supreme Court upheld the findings of the Special Investigation Team that cleared Mr Modi of criminal conspiracy, and this was reflected in the programme. Responses were sought from the Indian Government and Mr Modi, but this opportunity was not taken up, as the film made clear, although the film did hear from Swapan Dasgupta, a former BJP MP and member of the BJP’s National Executive, and other contributors connected with the BJP. In our editorial judgement there was a public interest in examining what had happened and its aftermath.

We are confident that the reporting in both programmes was factually accurate, duly impartial and fair. The production team took great care to cover a complex and sensitive subject in accordance with the highest standards of the BBC.

However, we’re sorry if you continue to be unhappy and have shared your concerns with the programme team.

Kind regards,

BBC Complaints Team


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