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RIP Salim Durrani

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Not an all time great of Indian cricket but a fine cricketer who was an aggressive lower order batsman and good left arm spin bowler in the 60s


Important role in Indias first ever series wins Vs England in 61 taking 8 and 10 wicket match hauls and first ever win against WI with important wickets


Stats don't do justice to his charisma too (appeared in a Hindi movie ) and famously was said to hit sixes on demand when the crowd chanted "sixer Salim, sixer" ... That of course must be overstated with the mists of time 

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15 hours ago, BacktoCricaddict said:

Om Shanti.


My mother will be really sad to know this.  She grew up a huge fan of cricket, and particularly admired Rohan Kanhai, Nari Contractor, Garry Sobers and Salim Durrani.

Same with my Dad! His favourite cricketer when he was young. Think he really captured the imagination of that generation.

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I had an opportunity to drink with him in a shady bar in Mumbai. My father has told about him and how he went for 6 when crowd asked for it. I was surprised to see him there. It was dark but his face is hard to miss. So I approached him to check. He asked me and friend to join him and recited some of his stories. Great man. 

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