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IPL Memes thread

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12 hours ago, Gollum said:

Come here (I think @coffee_rules) lowda, didn't know even Kannadigas use the north Indian 'lowda' slang :laugh:

Actually I have seen bose DK used in gaalis in Andhra.


Telangana I can understand due to the Urdu influence (assuming it has origins from there) but have seen it a few times used by Telugu people who don’t know Hindi.

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5 hours ago, NameGoesHere said:

L*nd is ok then?  I'm so relieved since I (don't) live in L*ndon.  

Yes, we have not imported that yet. OTOH, I have read an old kannada novel where BC is used, more like Bhenchoth, mosrIy it is in a rural area setting, apparebtly it is used in areas where they don't know much of Hindi,  Growing up, L and LKB , more of latter was v popular among boys. DKbose too.   Apparently, used even in some family slang, latrine/loo :hysterical: is referred as London. And if somebody acts all foreign with a suddenly acquired accent, we will refer to them as those who "washed their asses in Thames"! 

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