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SDP & Samson, the dynamic fielding duo!

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4 minutes ago, Vilander said:

Not interested in what why are you quoting me ? Stop boring people to death man. Hardik is similar very pretentious and juvenile lol I get amused it’s like seeing a monkey similar feeling when I read your threads hehe. 

No time for bitter  trolls like you .... peddle elsewhere :phew: 

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2 hours ago, Vilander said:

Awww did I hurt your feelings... :pound:


Buddy, nothing to do with my “feelings” :lol:  .... It is that I do not prefer folks who deliberately try to create unpleasantness mainly because of their poor/bitter attitude (my impression from having read your posts in the past) .... If there is no common ground, what is the point .... I took the time to reply to you on your original query but you “purposely” responded negatively (you may have the tendency to take the "negative" option) and when I did not even ask for your opinion. When I made my point on your opinion clear, you further went into more negativity .... When I answered your original query, I had anticipated a negative response from you based on your "tendencies" ....  If you wanted to be "positive", you even had the option to praise the catches, which is what the thread is about  ....  I have limited time so rather spend on topics I enjoy! :dance: 



PS came across your post on another thread for e.g.:



Very cliche..this brand that brand of cricket. Cricket is not some t shirt and chaddi. Lulz. Wtf is brand of cricket. 


Who is going to waste time on such posts? Rather skip such posts  :dontknow:

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