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RCB - SWOT Analysis and Game plan

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  • Their batting looks to have good depth this year
  • Talented youngsters - Rajat patidar, Suyyash prabhudesai , Sundar, Devdutt, Azhar
  • All rounders - Dan, Shahbaz ahmed, Sundar, Suyyash, Sams , Jamieson, Harshal patel 
  • ABDV
  • Kohli- will put runs consistently at least
  • They have looked to address middle over low RR in auction for sure 








  • Devdutt to take his game to next level with better S/R
  • Sundar to now take up the seniors role
  • chahal to get back his form
  • Excited about both Rajat patidar and Suyyash
  • Saini to get back in reckoning  




  • Kohli's Captaincy ofcourse
  • Maxwell not firing 
  • if Saini fails their fast bowling is screwed 


GAMEPLAN- Like DC they shud also play attacking cricket specially now that they have batting depth . They are very clear that Kohli will open this yr 


Batting plan 


  Without Devdutt Stronger batting
1 Sundar Devdutt
2 Kohli Kohli
3 ABDV Sundar
4 Rajat Patidar ABDV
5 Maxwell Maxwell
6 Suyyash Suyyash


Bowling plan 


  Stronger batting Stronger bowling
7 Christan/Jamieson Sams
8 Sams Harshal/Shahbaz
9 Harshal/Shahbaz/ Siraj Kane Richardson/ Zampa
10 Saini Saini
11 Chahal Chahal
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@Ankit_sharma03 Its really nice that you've analysed in great detail the performance of RCB.


There is however, a story, I'd like to share with you:


Long years ago, a young student at Oxford University was taking an examination of religious studies. The students were supposed to write about the meaning of spiritual significance of Jesus Christ's miracle of turning water to wine. For two hours he sat idly in the crowded classroom where others around him filled their pages with long essays to show their understanding. The time was almost up and this one student hadn't written a single word. The invigilator came over to him and insisted that he write something before turning in the paper. The young Lord Byron wrote simply:


"The water blushed when touched by the Lord"




On the same lines, you can explain team RCB by just saying VK.



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