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Help!!! Losing interest in cricket.


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19 hours ago, MultiB48 said:

Wont happen ,Epl,Afl are western products so they are rated ,Ipl isnt ,it will always be seen as a lower brand.You can see this even in Tests .people get excited when they see tests in eng or aus .

You have completely and totally missed the point.


Yes it will happen, in India. There are many posters and fanboys that celebrate IPL like its the greatest event, it comes up and brought into every conversation at times too.


Of course it wont happen in England and Australia, because cricket is a sport that is only followed for 2-3 months at most.


Which is why now I am excited and looking forward to the T20 SA series, where as most Indians are not.

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Other sports need to be develop cause this team is mediocre in reality. In football having 25-30 nations that can beat each other and are competitive is better than cricket. People need to realise cricket is a commercial sport now . BCCi needs a competitor hightime. Paytm series and others should mean nothing. This IPL hype needs to die down bigtime and BCCI should eat humble pie and allow players to participate in other t20 leagues around the world. Bcci chose to not let players participate in other cricket leagues cos of money. We need to see players as people not some 'gods' and people need to stop going Gaga over them.

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