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Mohsin Khan - Is he the left arm pacer that India are searching for?

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Before commenting about fast bowling, go play red ball cricket at a decent level and then spout whatever you have to say. If you have no experience in bowling with a red ball then shut your trap and go watch twanty twanty. 

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9 hours ago, express bowling said:


All of them great posters and I hope @Mosher bro posts a bit more. His posts are usually very logical, with great love for fast bowling and a good dose of humour.


A combination not easy to find.

Not watching much cricket. These late night matches and the trundlers on display are not helping bro haha. Though Arshdeep has been pretty good. Pissed with the way Umran has been discarded. Same with Tyagi he is nowhere to be seen. Mohsin is another player that should be groomed. Need to back and develop these young fast bowlers.

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