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Vikram Rathour and Paras Mhambrey.

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The disspointing thing was the lack of discipline with the ball yesterday. I was sure Bazball wont be as lethal against us because we dont give much away. In Australia the conditions were far from useful, but we bowled those containing lines well. Yesterday we should have been sharper to realise things were not alligned to go attacking, we should have taken a step back and slowed down. Used more of Jadeja and rotate the pacers from the other end. Poor planning from the non existent management

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2 hours ago, express bowling said:

The hostility factor is totally gone under Mhsmbrey.

Parasology 101 :-)!! 


If the coaching staff and TM ask the bowlers to bowl a certain way, they are just complying. For all of Dhoni's faults as a test captain, I will not forget the Lords test where he completely changed tactics and made Ishant Sharma pepper the Brits with short balls, and it worked. Just got to switch things up sometimes. 

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1 hour ago, sage said:

why do we not have any foreign coaches anymore?

Or the right domestic coaches.  HC Dravid is a legendary player, a great mentor of young talent, a teacher.  That works for developing players - A team, U-19 etc - where the boys are going to be starry-eyed and "Yessir" him.  But, at this level, what we need is a ruthless tactician and motivator, not an instructor. And the batting and bowling coaches - even if they were lacking in talent themselves - should be detail-oriented and pick out exactly what the players must correct. B. Arun was just as pathetic as Paras Mhambrey as a player, but he was an excellent bowling coach. Pravin Amre should be the batting coach - gritty technician.

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2 hours ago, express bowling said:

Pacers have suddenly and sharply regressed under Mhambrey.  


Even our hostile fast bowlers are trying to be just swing bowlers under him. And accuracy has reduced too. 


The hostility factor is totally gone under Mhsmbrey.

as terrible as Mhambrey is or has been, can’t ignore Rathour, our loi batting is 20 yrs behind and we have the distinction of being bowled out for sub 150 scores under him often in tests including a 80’odd allout and a 36 allout .


remember he has been around longer than Mhambrey. Still no accountability.


At least Sridhar was a fielding coach (doesn’t make it better) but batting coach not having accountability for so long is a bigger concern.

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I dont think the coaches can be blamed for this. Rathour was the batting coach last year as well. He cant be blamed for the continued selection of Vihari, Pujara, Kohli etc. 


As for the bowling, the attack has limitations and that was exposed in SA as well. 

Someone like Shami looks good on the camera but ends up with figures of 2/140 odd in the match. 


The players are not as good as the expectations.


Worth remembering that Shastri and co. also lost 4-1 in 2018. 



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18 hours ago, Gollum said:

Another feather in the cap for these two. Rathour must be the biggest scam artist around, Indian batting has gone to dogs yet no accountability. Even youngsters have regressed badly. 

ditto for mhambrey too. they must have many incriminating evidence of Indian TM and selectors

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