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Should India play more games with associate teams?


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21 minutes ago, Frustrated said:

Last Asia Cup was in 2018, which India won.   No one was super excited here. They were just happy.  Sab ko pata he ye WC nahi he.   Poyz fans aisa excited lag rahe ki jaisa WC jeet liya ho.  Wo bhi Final se do din pehle.  


India won last 2 editions, 2016(T20 format)and 2018(50 over format) both.

Ab har baar jeetna jaruri hai kya..


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53 minutes ago, IndianRenegade said:

Remind me again what is the Ind vs Pak record wrt ICC tournaments?  


This buggers haven't won a match against better sides defending a total. So far got lucky with toss and ultra slow pitch. Bouncer barrage will be on at the MCG lol We all know  Pakistan is the worst team against bouncers.

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13 hours ago, badmash said:

Maybe if they play with Hong Kong, Namibia etc more often then that will help get the team’s form back. 

They thrive in meaningless non pressure games, so it will give them some confidence. 

What do y’all think? 




Not a bad idea, India should do that actually, it will help the other boards financially + we can try our fast bowlers who are being wasted in the domestics.

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Abhi bhi is asia cup main  1-1 .. and btw the last match you played against Sri Lanka you LOST. A TEST MATCH WITH YOUR PHAAAAAST BOWLING.. PHAAST ya PHUUUSS.. 121 in 11 overs against india..  that too bowling first when ball holds up..


oh yes the thread should be Does BABAR need to play against associate nations lol.

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6 hours ago, Jay said:






What a **** team lol. Only half decent in u.a.e and that too if they win toss.


Phasst trundling fodder nation. Barely beat a string India c side haha

Chuckeen is the latest to carry on the inglrorious tradition of the chucking menace. When Chuckther retired, I was relieved that this menace is done and dusted. Then came chuckmal, chuckfeez, and now chuckeen to carry on the noble tradition. 

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