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Ajit Agarkar,chairman of Selection committee

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6 hours ago, Lord said:


as long as captain has unlimited power none of these appointments matter.


Dhoni left a rotten culture of captain being all powerful.

It looks like the captain is also just a puppet. The same idiotic selections/non selections which happened during Kohli's time happened during the current TM's tenure also. Agarkar has talked sense so far as commentator but unless he does out of the box selections, his appointment is just another formality. 

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11 minutes ago, Malcolm Merlyn said:

Ambani couldn't do anything when Srini was President.

And a strong board will mean PR means nothing.

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Srini plus Dhoni was more powerful.


Its not a strong board.Never been.

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5 hours ago, Zero_Unit said:

I enjoy his commentary. I have noticed that when commentators goes on to become coach/involved with the board, usually comes out as the devil. Look at Ramiz Raza (LOL) as an example.

easy to ask questions I guess

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विश्वकप 2023 के लिए अजित अगरकर ने चुनी 15 सदस्यीय घटिया टीम इंडिया, 4 बूढे़ खिलाड़ियों की हुई एंट्री, 8 फिसड्डी को दी जगह














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On 7/6/2023 at 4:15 AM, Malcolm Merlyn said:

Yes. And Dhoni was backed by Srinivasan.

Why are present administrators backing Rohit?

Oh let me guess, they are all inexperienced and lightweight.

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How long has Rohit been captain? His selection as a captain was mistake by Ganguly but don't we have to give him time.

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2 hours ago, wanted_desi said:


He got Tilak and Jaiswal in. 

So didn't other selectors get Shaw, Gill, Siraj in ? where are  Bowlers ?


Is there any justification for making Mukesh play all formats in one single tour and keeping Jaidev in the all formats. 

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अजीत अगरकर ने चयनकर्ता बनते ही बर्बाद किया इस स्टार खिलाड़ी का करियर, भरी जवानी में लेना पड़ रहा है संन्यास




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